TOP 1 GEAR OIL 80W-90 API GL-5 / MT-1

TOP 1 GEAR OIL contains extreme pressure additives to meet the requirements of API GL-5. This premium gear oil technology is formulated to provide excellent anti-wear, anti-scuff, and corrosion protection while withstanding severe temperatures and shock loading. The balanced formulation maintains viscosity protection in both high and low temperature conditions.

Features and Advantages

  • Recommended for manual transmissions and final drives requiring API GL-5 specification
  • Suitable for worm gears on automotive and industrial equipment
  • Suitable for bronze gears, both automotive and industrial
  • Suitable for industrial spur, herringbone, helical and spiral level gear sets
  • Provides full film lubrication provided to protect gears
  • Provides rust protection to internal gears and bearings

Performance Specifications

TOP 1 GEAR OIL, meets or exceeds the requirements of all major car manufacturers and the following industry standards:

  • API GL-5/MT-1
  • Mack GO-F / GO-G / GO-H
  • Rockwell 0-76A, 0-76B, and 0-76D
  • Recommended for differentials and conventional transmissions in passenger cars and trucks where
  • GL-5 fluids are specified
Packaging available:
1 L (bottle)