TOP 1 GP 15W-40 API CI-4 / SL

TOP 1 GP SAE 15W-40 API CI-4 / SL is a motor vehicle engine oil specially created for the car or 4-wheel vehicles with DUAL ENGINE SPECIFICATION technology so that it can be used for diesel engines and gasoline.
Specially formulated using the base oil group II with very high purity 99.2% so as to prevent the formation of sludge and the crust will keep the cylinders and pistons stay clean. With high technology DUAL SPECIFICATION ENGINE TECHNOLOGY (DEST) the right to show a good performance in diesel engines and gasoline.
Viscosity was appropriate in its class that is suitable for new vehicles and old vehicles to drive on load and extreme conditions.

  • Based Group II hydrocrack best results with high purity 99.2%, preserve the engine clean, low evaporation rate and resistance to oxidation
  • With the stable viscosity, lubricating layer remains strongly attached even in very hot conditions or very high engine stress
  • DUAL ENGINE SPECIFICATION TECHNOLOGY, can be used both in gasoline and diesel engine.
  • Using special additives which still protects the engine from corrosion due to acid formation in the combustion of fuel
  • Viscosity SAE 15W-40 is suitable for the old and new generation vehicle

Packaging available:
1 L (can)