TOP 1 RUST GUARD 80 is designed to protect, penetrate, loosen, clean rusted and corroded parts. It works into crevices, cracks, metal-to-metal joints leaving an oily film with high lubricity and corrosion inhibiting actions. Its deep penetrating action looses rust and carries lubricant into all internal surfaces. Contains no acid which would harm the basic metal or adjoining paint, plastic or wood.

  • High volatility provides the necessary fuel vapors to obtain a combustible air/fuel mixture, even at low temperatures and high humidity.
  • Ensures fast, economical starting of all diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Reduces starter motor and spark plug wear.
  • Saves battery strain and engine wear during cold start.
  • Saves time and money.
  • An essential tool, particularly in winter, after long periods of standstill and under humid climatic condition.
  • Disassembling nuts, bolts, studs and pipe fittings removing gears and pulleys; pressing off bearing, freeing stuck valves and frozen bearings; loosening up roller chains and conveyor belt drives, disassembling machinery.
    • Penetrated and works on contract
    • Loosens rusted and corroded parts
    • Clean removes light rust
    • Save time and labor costs
    • Contain corrosion inhibitor
    • Protect metals and parts

    Packaging available:
    500 ml (spray can)
    326 gr (spray can)