TOP 1 SYNTHETIC CHAIN WAX is specifically designed for motorcycle chains and gears. It is formulated using state-of- the-art Nano-Silicon technology that adheres to the chain surface providing a protective anti-wear film guaranteed to extend the life of your chain. TOP 1 SYNTHETIC CHAIN WAX is formulated to have a detergent action and leaves practically no carbon deposits. Its adhesive properties enable it to remain in position providing surface separating films for long periods and reducing the need to re-apply. It is particularly suitable for highly specialized applications where oil fling and drip need to be avoided e.g. chains, overhead tracks, and hinges. 


  • Lubrication and protection for maximum power under arduous conditions
  • Adhesion for reduced fling 
  • Protection against corrosion, rust and wear 
  • High temperature performance and low frictional properties 
  • Resistance to water "wash off"


  • TOP 1 SYNTHETIC CHAIN WAX is suitable for all makes of on and off-road motorcycles. To achieve the maximum performance clean the chain properly with TOP 1 SUPER CHAIN CLEANER before applying Chain Wax. 
  • TOP 1 SYNTHETIC CHAIN WAX is also suitable for "O" ring, non "O" ring and racing chains. It's should be applied according to manufacturers' instructions.

Packaging available:
82 mL (bottle)
150 mL (bottle)
400 mL (bottle)